Chat Policy

  • Bullying of any sort (abuse, racism, etc) is prohibited.
  • Swearing is allowed, but slurs are not.
  • If you are making somebody uncomfortable, stop.
  • If somebody asks you to stop, stop.

Concerning Truth or Dare

  • If somebody is uncomfortable with a truth or dare, they do not have to do it.
  • Do not constantly ask the same person, try to make sure everyone gets a turn.
  • Truths or dares must not violate the policy of the wiki they are to be performed on, including this one.
  • Do not heavily inconvenience others with your dares if they're not okay with it. (Ex. Having a dare that involves extremely bugging another user).

Concerning Relations to the AJCW Chat

  • Do not spam this link in the AJCW chat if you are gathering people, link it once, and then wait.
  • Keep in mind any dares made here to be performed on the AJCW chat must still fit its policies.

The chat is available to use at any time, but please do not violate these policies. Violation will result in a kick/ban respectively.

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