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<center>{{Quote|The first step towards knowledge is to know that we are ignorant." 

~Richard Cecil}}


== <span style="color: #8B8386">∞ ᗷ ᗩ ᔕ I ᑕ   I ᑎ ᖴ O ᖇ ᗰ ᗩ T I O ᑎ ∞ </span>  ==


'''Name:''' Brightspots ''<sub>(Pronounced: brītspäts)</sub>''

'''Former Name(s): '''Brightkit, Brightpaw, Brightstar, Akira

'''Status:''' Inactive/Deceased

'''Nickname(s):''' Bright, Brite, Britesprite, Brightie, Brightbae, Brightiebae, Aki ''(Formerly)''

'''Animal Jam User''': ''Etherealistic''

'''Wiki User:''' ''FunkySunky''

'''Species:''' ''Felis catus'' (Somali Cat)

'''Sex:''' Female

'''Age:''' 46 moons (At time of death)

'''Birth Date: '''July 2nd

'''Sexuality: '''Heterosexual

'''Orientation:''' Neutral

'''Religion/Beliefs:''' StarClan

'''Sex:''' Female

'''Sin:''' Greed

'''Group/Allegiance: '''N/A

<sup>( Other OC, '''Fleetingstep''', in allegiance to '''ForestClan)'''</sup>

'''Current Residence:''' StarClan

'''Former''' '''Group(s)/Allegiance: '''''RiverClan (Disbanded, No Wiki), Multiple Miscellaneous Clan(s)''

'''Lives:''' 0/1

'''Current Position:''' Loner

'''Former Position(s): '''Leader, Deputy, Warrior Kit, Apprentice.

'''Spirit Fauna: '''''Lutrinae ''(Otter)

S'''pirit Flora:''' ''Dianthus caryophyllus Albine ''(White Carnation)

'''Theme Song(s): ''''' [ Raindrops]''[ ''<sub>(By Regina Spektor)</sub>'']<gallery position="center" widths="197" spacing="small" bordercolor="#FFBBFF" bordersize="small">


Small somali web 3.jpg



== <span style="color: #8B8386">∞ ᗩ ᑭ ᑭ E ᗩ ᖇ ᗩ ᑎ ᑕ E ∞ </span> ==


'''Height:''' 8 inches. (full-grown)

'''Pelt: '''She has a Cream-colored base, with a white top coat and a white over coat. Her tail is cream with the underside white, and her paws are tipped with white. Her fur is also shaded white. She has a hood on her head of white ranging from her forehead to her ears, and small streaks of white under her eyes.

'''Eyes: '''Darkish-Blue, near blue-gray.

'''Scars/Defects:''' Her right ear is torn, and a small scar runs over her shoulder.

'''Voice:''' ''Regina Spektor''

'''Other:''' Her fur is fluffy, especially her tail. She is smaller than average.

'''Items:''' Black Spike(Short), Black Elf Bracelets, Black Jamaaliday Bow.

<gallery type="slideshow" position="center">

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 9.47.51 AM.png|''Adult {Current}''

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 9.48.39 AM.png|''Adolescent''

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 9.49.30 AM.png|''Juvenile''


== <span style="color: #8B8386">∞ ᖇ E ᒪ ᗩ T I O ᑎ ᔕ ∞ </span>   ==


'''Mother:''' Silversong (F/Deceased/Location Known)*

'''Father:''' Applesplash (M/Deceased/Location Known)*

Mate: N/A

'''Former Mate(s): '''Storm (M/Unknown/Location Unknown)


Ceriserose (F/Deceased/Location Known)





== <span style="color: #8B8386">∞ ᑭ E ᖇ ᔕ O ᑎ ᗩ ᒪ I T Y   T ᖇ ᗩ I T ᔕ ∞ </span>  ==


'''''Sarcastic:''''' Brightspots enjoys being sarcastic about mostly everything.

'''''Bubbly:'' '''She can actually be very cheerful, but only towards close friends.

'''''Brave/Selfless:'' '''Akira isn't afraid to go into danger to help those she cares about.

'''''Defensive: '''''She is very defensive towards herself and those she loves.

'''''Laid-Back:''''' While she is defensive, she can also be very laid-back and not caring.

== <span style="color: #8B8386">∞ ᖴ ᒪ ᗩ ᗯ ᔕ  /  ᔕ T ᖇ E ᑎ G T ᕼ ᔕ ∞ </span> ==



Because of her defensiveness, Akira can often come off as aggressive to those who don't know her very well.

She tends to pick fights with kittypets and other weaker creatures.

Her sarcasm can sometimes get her into trouble, as well as her tendency to pick fights.

She tends to be a hopeless romantic.


She is a good hunter and a decent battler.

She is loyal and caring towards her friends

She can be very fun to be around at times.

== <span style="color: #8B8386">∞ ᒪ I K E ᔕ  /  ᗪ I ᔕ ᒪ I K E ᔕ ∞ </span> ==



Sarcastic Jokes + Jokes in general

Spending time with friends

Birds, Fish, Rabbits as prey



<s>A small flirt every now and then. </s>''Modesty..''



Lizards + Frogs as Prey


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== <span style="color: #8B8386">∞ ᗩ ᖇ T   O ᖴ   ᗷ ᖇ I G ᕼ T ᔕ ᑭ O T ᔕ ∞ </span> ==

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---[[File:Brightspotsart.png|centre|thumb|220x220px|By [[User:123WoofAJ|123WoofAJ]]]]


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